7" Widescreen Touch Screen Panel PC

7" Widescreen Touch Screen Panel PC
Item# IPW07ID3S-A2-4RT
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Product Description

The AIS 7" widescreen touch screen panel PC is reliable, durable, and provide OEMs with vast selection of technologies and solutions that simplify PLC, HMI and SCADA applications. This 7" widescrren touchscrren panel PC computer features Intel® Atom™ Dual Core Processor D2550 1.86 GHz, industrial-grade widescreen LCD flat panel with resistive touch screen technology and NEMA 4 IP65 front bezel for Window-based HMI system and visualization solutions. This 7" PC-based HMI thin client is designed for process and discrete manufacturing, industrial automation, process control, packaging machinery,†building automation, access control, room reservation, room scheduling, and custom HMI applications.

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