15" IP65 Fanless Panel PC|All in One|PC-Based HMI

15" IP65 Fanless Panel PC|All in One|PC-Based HMI
Item# IP15IA7T-C3-5RT
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Product Description

AIS 15" (1024 x 768 XGA) IP65 fan-less panel PCs are reliable, durable, and provide plant visualization and machinery manufacturing operations with vast selection of technologies and solutions that help engineers develop user-friendly HMI interface, and enable low cost, small form factor configurations with minimum number of components. AIS IP65 fan-less panel computers feature high-performance Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 1.60 GHz, in an industrial-grade LCD flat panel with resistive touch screen technology and NEMA 4/4X front bezel. In order to minimize HMI development efforts, designers want to develop scalable systems that can be easily upgraded as performance expectations increase. Intel® Atom™ processor N270, based on IntelĂ­s revolutionary Intel® Atom™ microarchitecture, offers a low-power and affordable solution for mid-range human machine interface without compromising performance. At a low Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 2.5W, the Intel Atom processor N270 contains the processing power to efficiently support HMI software-based encoders, providing customers the flexibility to add features and upgrade their HMI solutions easily. AIS all-in-one fan-less Panel PC device integrates an industrial PC and an operating display unit, into a winning combination of ruggedness, performance, and brilliant display. The AIS IP65 panel PC choices meet a wide range of manufacturing and process automation requirements.

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