HMI Touch Panels

AIS next generation HMI Touch Panel Series are engineered to meet the increasingly complex processes, demanding visualization and control tasks of machines and automation systems while simplifying operation and programming. Using flexible and standardized interfaces for embedded computing allows for easy and efficient integration for almost any machine, application or environment.


AISís newest family of industrial touch panel HMIs feature a highly modular design that provides a complete range of control and monitoring solutions which allow both touchscreen display and Box IPC (Industrial PC) to be built according to specific customer needs and requirements. Our intelligent HMIs have been engineered with a common design and architecture, making HMI functionality identical throughout the entire family of HMI solutions, delivering many advantages. AIS HMI Touch Panels are scalable systems, which make them expandable by changing the displays or the computing power of the PC engine. AISís innovative HMI Operator Panels open up completely new possibilities for intuitive, smart and powerful control and monitoring visualization.

   o Open and standardized interfaces in hardware & software for HMI, SCADA & MES applications
   o PC-based automation uses standard Ethernet & TCP/IP for easy HMI/SCADA & IT/OT integration
   o Web-enabled HMI with HTML5-compliant web browsers for improved real-time decision making
   o Easy to replace, highly modular designed field-replaceable front display and box PC modules    o Maintenance-free illumination system with lifetime rating of 80,000-100,000 hours on Eco mode
   o Expandable HMI solutions with multiple configurations & options for fast project engineering
   o International marks and schemes for safety equipment, certification and regulatory compliance
   o IT-OT convergence, M2M communications, Industry 4.0, and IoT ready for future requirements